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Take your treasured items out of the closet and wipe the dust off once and for all. It's time for your memorabilia to be displayed on the wall where it belongs. 


At Framed Autographs.com  we specialize in gallery quality custom framing of autographed sports jerseys. Our products are crafted by hand using only the finest museum quality materials. With real wood molding imported from Italy, and all acid-free conservation materials to protect the jersey, our custom framing is built to last generations. Do not be fooled by a cheap low quality generic jersey framing with inferior materials. Sure you can find framing online for a couple hundred bucks, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Most places use shallow frames made of cheap particleboard wood, or even plastic-composite. They are so shallow that your jersey ends up pressed flat against the glass, which is not the correct way to frame a jersey. An autograph on fabric, like a jersey for example, needs space to breathe. Without the proper space the ink can bleed and the autograph becomes smudged over time losing its value. Notice that most places will only show you one picture from straight on, and from far away? Sure it may look good in a picture online but once you receive the item you'll quickly find that pictures can be misleading... At Framed Autographs.com we take multiple photos from close up and from many angles, this showcases our detail and the high quality craftsmanship that separates us from others. Don't waste hours of your time and get overcharged to have your valuable jersey done at a local frame shop. They may be good at framing artwork, but jerseys take a special skill set and thousands of hours of practice to become an expert. Most framers might do one or two jerseys per year, and they just don't have the skill level to do a fabulous job like we do. With us what you see is what you get, while at a local shop you never know what the finished product will look like. At a frame shop you'll spend hours of valuable time, spend hundreds of dollars more, and wait an entire month to get it back and you could be highly disappointed. Furthermore, with us we provide the photos, team logos or trading cards, and a one of a kind custom plaque that you wont find ANYWHERE ELSE! It looks absolutely amazing and has all the players’ career achievements. All of this comes included. At a frame shop you'll have to provide the photos and other elements you want framed, spending even more of your time and money getting them first.​ At Framed Autographs.com we specialize in jerseys so trust the experts to frame your items the proper way, with top of the line materials, at a fraction of the cost.


You custom pick your favorite colors for the matting. We send you the available photo options for your player. You get to choose!You pick the color of smaller frames for the photos/nameplate (black, gold, or silver). You send us your jersey. WE CUSTOM FRAME IT AND SHIP IT BACK. The whole process takes 5-10 business days once we receive your jersey or item. We recommend a phone consultation with one of our framing experts to talk you through the details of your order. 

  • Aesthetic

    -Two trading cards or team logos 3D mounted.

    -Two professional 8X10 photos individually framed and 3D float mounted.

    -Our one of a kind custom name plate featuring team/league emblems, watermark team logo, and notable career accomplishments.

  • Raw Materials

    -Custom Italian shadow box frame (size of frame is approx 37 x 31).

    -Museum grade acid-free conservation materials and UV free conservation acrylic glass.

    -Comes complete with heavy duty hanging hardware so all you need to do is open the box and enjoy!

  • Protecting your Jersey

    WE USE NO ADHESIVES so your jersey will not be compromised in anyway. It can always be removed and returned to original state. 

Have any questions about custom framing? Please ask using this form